LocalStoneshops.com Launches Leading Online Directory of Stone Fabricators

MIA Endorsed New York, NY -- Jun 12, 2009 -- LocalStoneshops.com, a leading local search and advertising company, is pleased to announce the formal launch of LocalStoneshops.com-a leading online destination for consumers searching for stone fabricators in their local area.

LocalStoneshops.com was launched in partnership with GK Naquin, MIA Board Member and 2004 Stone Fabricator of the Year. Mr. Naquin notes that "people predominantly use the internet to find local service providers. LocalStoneshops.com is a simple, risk-free way for stone fabricators to connect with consumers who are searching online for stone fabricators."

Thousands of people search LocalStoneshops.com every day to find stone fabricators. Stone fabricators list on the site for free and pay a fee when prospects call them directly. "There's really no downside to list - you pay a fee when your phone rings with a new prospect - and the results are totally measurable," adds Naquin.

In addition to providing new business to stone fabricators, LocalStoneshops.com also provides sophisticated reporting tools that allow clients to measure the volume and quality of calls they receive. LocalStoneshops.com also offers a free "secret shopper" program by providing stone fabricators with audio recordings of the customer phone calls they receive through the service. "It's a fantastic sales coaching and training tool," shares Naquin.

"We're thrilled to launch LocalStoneshops.com and drive new business to participating stone fabricators nationwide," says Howard Lerman, CEO. "LocalStoneshops.com will offer our clients one guarantee: you'll never pay us a dime, until we create positive, measurable results for your business."

LocalStoneshops.com is currently accepting applications to list from service centers seeking new business. Contact us directly at 1-888-250-9157.

MIA Recommends LocalStoneshops.com For Member Consideration

Cleveland, OH -- June 22, 2009 -- The Marble Institute of America has announced its endorsement of LocalStoneshops.com, a new online service that will help connect potential fabricated stone customers to MIA member fabricators. MIA was attracted to LocalStoneshops.com because there is a significant shift taking place right now in local advertising. The Yellow Pages recently was delisted from the NYSE and declared bankruptcy. Several newspapers and radio stations are closing due to lack of ad buyers. All the while, online search is growing as the preferred medium for people to find local businesses. In 2009, U.S. consumers will conduct over 300 billion online searches - a 40% increase over 2008. The average adult user searches online for more than 20 times a month, 67 percent of the time, it's for something local.

The founders of LocalStoneshops.com started their company several years ago to help local businesses take advantage of these trends and find new customers through the most efficient means possible. "Instead of helping our clients get website 'clicks,'" said Ross Weinstein, LocalStoneshops.com Senior

Vice President of Media, "the company decided instead to use the Internet to deliver something much more valuable: a live, inbound phone call from a prospect, which can be tracked and measured."

LocalStoneshops.com is a specific offering built to drive new customers to independent fabricators. "The service is very unique for two distinct reasons," Weinstein says. "First, we are totally pay-for-performance. Fabricators pay nothing until they receive a phone call from a prospective customer. Second, fabricators have access to recordings of every phone call we send to them. It's a free secret shopper program to help owners hear how their staff is handling sales opportunities and provide training."

Launched in June 2009 after several months of R&D, LocalStoneshops.com is growing rapidly, with participating fabricators ranging from small independent firms serving a local area to larger regional and national firms. The program has been endorsed by the Marble Institute of America (MIA) and

the association's member firms get preferential incentives from LocalStoneshops.com. "We are excited about being able to introduce this revolutionary and extremely timely new member service at this time. With the economy struggling, MIA member firms are looking for new ways to reach qualified customers, and LocalStoneshops.com is a perfect fit for that," commented Gary Distelhorst of the MIA.

Special Advisor to the countertop effort is G.K. Naquin, a fabricator in the Southeast and an officer of the Marble Institute of America. His comments on the site: "After 34 years in the stone industry, it is my sincere pleasure to introduce you to LocalStoneshops.com. We launched the site with one goal in mind: to deliver new customers to MIA member fabricators around the country. The Internet has become the #1 place people go to find stone fabricators, and LocalStoneshops.com makes it easy for your stone business to connect with these prospects and convert them into new customers for your business."

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