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LocalStoneshops.com is the leading website for connecting new customers with stone shops. We connect fabricators with new customers at the exact moment they're searching.

We also provide stone fabricators with a new local advertising platform to replace the Yellow Pages where you reach across multiple platforms, directories and publishers to drive the most new customers your way. With LocalStoneshops.com you get a powerful, and completely trackable online advertising solution.

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A Word From Our Advisor

GK Naquin

"As an active leader in the profession, it is my sincere pleasure to introduce you to LocalStoneshops.com.

My partners at LocalStoneshops.com launched LocalStoneshops.com with one goal in mind: to increase sales for fabricators such as you."

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GK Naquin
MIA Board Member and 2005 Stone Fabricator of the Year

Breaking News

MIA Recommends LocalStoneshops.com For Member Consideration

MIA Endorsed Cleveland, OH -- June 22, 2009 -- The Marble Institute of America has announced its endorsement of LocalStoneshops.com, a new online service that will help connect potential stone shop customers to MIA member fabricators. MIA was attracted to LocalStoneshops.com because there is a significant shift taking place right now in local advertising. The Yellow Pages recently was delisted from the NYSE and declared bankruptcy. Several newspapers and radio stations are closing due to lack of ad buyers. All the while, online search is growing as the preferred medium for people to find local businesses.

LocalStoneshops.com was launched in partnership with GK Naquin, MIA Board Member and 2004 Stone Fabricator of the Year. We would also like to announce our recent certification as an MIA Certified Provider.

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